A Plea to Middle Eastern Americans

October 29, 2020


Fellow Americans of Middle Eastern ancestry like me, the time to cast our ballots is now upon us and I submit that we can positively affect the outcome of this election of historic proportions. Our numbers are significant in key battleground states such as Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania especially among well established and long-standing communities of Lebanese and Syrians. Many say it is the most important election of our lifetime, but I will leave that to the historians. Unquestionably, this election presents us with two distinct visions for the future of our great nation. A vote for Biden will reverse nearly all policies of the Trump administration and put in place statist and hard left policies that have been tried and have failed in every instance. Some of these policies include higher taxation, more regulation, single payer healthcare, judicial activism, less freedom and more authoritarian control by purported enlightened politicians who believe in ‘science’ and the inevitability of climate change. Read the party platform or even Joe Biden’s often changing positions and these conclusions are clear.

What is also clear is that a Biden presidency will go back to the Iran Deal and cozy up to the Muslim Brotherhood and their alphabet soup of related organizations such as CAIR, ICNA, MAS, etc. We as Middle Eastern Americans may have quite different views on domestic policy, but I believe we share a common view regarding Islamist and authoritarian Middle Eastern regimes; they should be defeated and never appeased.

War, famine and persecution are still all too prevalent in the Middle East, but hope is now rising. The Mullahs and Hezbollah are now under domestic pressure in Iran and Lebanon. The brave people of Sudan have prevailed in a mostly peaceful revolution against the brutal regime of Omar Bashir. Saudi women and girls can now partake in civil society and hope for brighter days and an end to their domestic imprisonment. All over North Africa native populations are rejecting the Turkish and Qatari project of colonization. Most promisingly, the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan have made peace with Israel and more Arab nations will follow their lead. These are hopeful times in the region and a new narrative of peace is replacing the tired slogans of resistance, jihad and suffering.

How do we as first, second or even third generation (Lebanese and Syrian) Americans of ME descent do our part to push this momentum forward and help our ancestral homes? The answer is simple: vote for Donald J. Trump on Tuesday, November 3. President Trump has largely defeated Islamic State, he has pulled out of the horrible Iran Deal and has implemented the most extensive sanction regime against the Mullahs and their proxies. Deterrence has been reestablished by eliminating Qasem Soleimani and Abu Bakr Baghdadi and ancient communities of Yezidis and Assyro- Chaldean Christians have been supported and spared extinction for now. The newly signed peace deals have laid bare the arrogance and ignorance of the foreign policy ‘experts’ of Foggy Bottom. John Kerry, what say you now? It took bold leadership to finally deliver on the promise of defunding the Palestinian Authority and moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, but the dividends have been plentiful. Hopefully soon due to the dynamic leadership of the Trump administration a new Palestinian leadership can emerge that will champion peace and reject the legacy of Yasser Arafat and his proteges as the Germans have rejected their Nazi past.

I stress that all these gains are tenuous and can be reversed without being nurtured by US policy that rewards peacemakers and punishes warmongers. Arabs and other minorities in the region, even if marginalized, are agents of their own destiny but help from the United States is essential in securing a future full of promise, opportunity and peace.

We cannot stand by and allow the gains of the past four years to be eviscerated by Joe Biden. He has capitulated to the forces of darkness here in the US and in the ME. He has profited from his high office much like the despots we or our ancestors fled from. He must be defeated.

John Hajjar is Co-Chairman of the American Mideast Coalition for Democracy

31 Oct 2020
Send an emailAnita Ashur Wakim
John this was very eloquent. I am so proud to be your relative. I support all you said and will help with my husband Tony to further this cause. God Bless you and your family!

31 Oct 2020
Send an emailSherif Nasry
I feel bad as we are not there too