Mission Statement

The American Mideast Coalition for Democracy (AMCD) is a non-partisan, grass-roots organization dedicated to empowering the estimated 10 million Americans of Middle Eastern descent to promote greater understanding and beneficial policies for both America and for the countries of the Middle East. We seek to advance the interests of Middle Eastern Americans through our expert research and analysis, civic and policy education, and solid community building.

AMCD is especially focused on the general welfare of the peoples of the region the promotion of which is in the best interest of America. These include:

1)      Promotion of liberty, democracy and self-determination

2)      Protection for women and minorities

3)      Education of Americans on Middle East issues

4)      Education of Middle Easterners about America and American Middle East policies

5)      Promotion of equality and human rights for all the people of the Middle East.

Our main focus, however, is to unite Middle Eastern Americans so as to give them a strong, moderate voice culturally, economically and socially within the United States and to educate the public on the great contribution Middle Eastern Americans have made to our country.

We also seek to aid asylum seekers who are fleeing persecution.

We hope to bring peace and stability to Middle East by promoting freedom of assembly, religion, and speech, as the cornerstones of a civil society.

Trump campaign

During the 2016 Presidential campaign, AMCD operated at ACMT (The American Mideast Coalition for Trump). Our members raised money, appeared as campaign surrogates in the media, and hosted events to bring awareness to the deep dissatisfaction American Middle Easterners felt with the direction of policy under President Obama. AMCT was especially opposed to the Iran deal and our members spoke out forcefully against it.  

AMCD members wanted a change in the direction of US Mideast policy and President Trump has delivered.

AMCD plans to help in President Trump’s re-election campaign in 2020.

AMCD is a 501 (C) 4 corporation.