AMCD Firmly Supports President Trump on Immigration

January 15, 2018

WASHINGTON DC: The American Mideast Coalition for Democracy (AMCD) fully supports President Trump’s effort to re-orient America’s immigration policy to a merit based system. For too long, America’s immigration system has been based on the benefit to the immigrants themselves rather than focusing on what is good for America. Our national immigration system should be oriented to bringing in people who will fill the needs of our nation – not the needs of their country of origin. Immigration from Mexico, for example, serves Mexico by providing a “safety valve” for their unemployed as well as providing Mexico tens of billions per year in remittances.  

Our current immigration system is now doing the same thing for dysfunctional countries in Africa which will only delay needed reforms and help to keep corrupt dictators in power.

“To accuse President Trump of racism for stating facts on the ground is wrong and devalues the true meaning and impact of the word racist,” said AMCD member and immigrant from Ethiopia, Laban Seyoum. “Corruption, undemocratic practices and the non-existence of the rule of law have brought poverty, misery and, yes, internal conflicts in African nations. President Trump is first and foremost a businessman. As a businessman he understands that the future of the African continent as whole is good, but changes need to occur quickly.”

“We must also be concerned that jihadists will take advantage of our immigration system to insert terrorist cells into the US,” cautioned AMCD Co-Director Tom Harb. “Many countries in Africa have become hotbeds of terrorism.”

“Sudan and Nigeria are literally being torn apart by jihadism,” added AMCD President, John Hajjar. “Somalia and Libya have been so completely destroyed by jihadists, they are now failed states. Why should we take the chance on importing those same problems here?”

“President Trump’s tax cuts and the deregulation are already benefiting the Africans and other immigrants currently living this great nation. Many African immigrants are small business owners who were hampered during the past administration by excessive regulations, Obamacare and taxes,” added Mr. Seyoum. “By restricting immigration from failed regions, President Trump is actually helping to ensure the success of African immigrants already here.”

America First means we should bring in immigrants who will benefit our country socially and economically as well as making sure our current immigrants fully assimilate and add to the success of our country as a whole. AMCD firmly supports the President in this effort.

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