AMCD Supports Secretary Pompeo’s Call for Review of Aid to Lebanon

June 1, 2018

Washington DC: The American Mideast Coalition for Democracy (AMCD) supports Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s call for a review of US aid to Lebanon’s security and military forces.

AMCD in conjunction with The World Council of Cedars Revolution (WCCR) suggest that any support from the U.S. be based on the following stipulations:

1. A clear announcement by the Lebanese cabinet, ministry of defense and army command that they do not support or endorse Hezbollah.

2. A clear announcement of support for UN resolution 1559 which called for the full withdrawal and disarming of all militias in Lebanon including Hezbollah.

3. That the Lebanese government and Lebanese army implement a security plan to create a safe zone in Lebanon where Hezbollah cannot deploy nor obtain permits to carry arms. The army and security forces would have sole responsible for security in these areas.

“It is our sincere hope that these steps will begin the process of civil society wresting back control from Hezbollah, but it will be a struggle,” said AMCD Co-Director John Hajjar. “Hezbollah has slowly, but steadily taken control of Lebanon politically because they had already taken control of Lebanon’s security forces. In this situation, whoever wins elections is irrelevant. Hezbollah, and thus Iran, is in control of Lebanon.”

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