Ashley Ansara

Board Member

Areas of Strength:       

1.         American Egyptian speak Arabic fluently, lived in Egypt till the age of 22 years

2.         Dr Ansara has tremendous experiences in international business and negotiating business transaction with the Government of Egypt and other global business in the Middle East.

3.         Familiar with the culture of the Arab World and particularly Egypt

4.         Strong believer of the Republican Conservative agenda and the President Trump mission to make America Great Again

5.         Member of the Republican Party, Florida

6.         Member of the American Middle Eastern Coalition for Democracy (AMCD)

7.         RNC-Middle Eastern American Advisory Committee

Republican Awards:

1.       Republican Gold Medal from the National Republican Committee, 2003

2.       Ronald Regan Republican Gold Medal from the NRCC, 2005

3.       The Outstanding Meritorious Service Award from the NRCC, 2006

4.      The Congressional Medal from the Business Advisory Council of Distinction of the NCRR, 2008

Experience in presentations with Arabic and Middle Eastern Medias including live media:

            BBC-Arabia (British Broadcasting) , Orient (Dubai), France 24, Al-Jazeera, On- Live-Tv (Egypt), Nile TV (Egypt), Al-Mehwar (Egypt), CBC- Extra (Egypt),  Lebanon TV (Alarm TV), Fox News (USA), Russian TV (RT), Israel TV (I- 24), Al-Hora (USA), Sada El-Balad (Egypt) and many other media centers.

Experiences in the US and the Middle East:

  1. Dr Ansara was a key member of the US-Department of Commerce and the Arab American Chamber of Commerce (Miami) delegation to negotiate the details of the Free Trade Agreement between the country of Morocco and the US in 2004.  Under the guidance of Secretary Don Evans (Busch Administration).
  2. The first debt-equity swap between the Egyptian Government, Rothschild Bank of France, Bank Misr of Egypt and Bank of America was organized and implemented under the guidance of Dr. Ansara in 1990 to finance the development of Bio-Vet Veterinary Vaccine and Biological Company in Egypt.
  3. Dr. Ansara has a strong record of accomplishment in civic societies, political grassroots organizations, and a champion of human rights. 

a.       Kid’s welfare and protection of human rights.  Member of the Kids House of Seminole County, Florida

b.      In 2009, he received the prestigious Arab American of the Year Award from Michigan Chapter of the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC).

c.       He was elected for the third term as a Board Member of the ADC, Washington DC (2012-2015)

d.      Dr Ansara founded Ansara Scholarship Fund for High Schools Science Incubator Program at the city of Altamonte Springs, Florida. The scholarship was designed to promote aspiring science, technology, engineering and math (S.T.E.M.) scholars in our local community.

e.       Dr. Ansara was invited as key note speaker at the “Women for Success Conference” in Egypt in 2015 and 2017. Attendees were over 600 from 25 different countries.


Ph.D.   (1980)  Michigan State University, Poultry Science and Veterinary medicine          

MS      (1975)  Michigan State University, Department of Microbiology & Public                

                                       BVSc (DVM)   (1972) School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Cairo, Egypt

Work Experience:July 2001- Present                 Founder & President                                                Ansara Holding Corporation, Inc.                                                                                      Ansara Medical Center, LLC

Oct.1992- Mar 1998               Title:    Supervisory Veterinary Medical Officer

                                                Employer:        US- Department of Agriculture

                                                                        FSIS – IO- Southeastern Region

July 1988 – Sept. 1992           Title:    Managing Director and Founder

                                                Employer:        BioVet Company

May 1986 – June 1988             Title:    Vice President- Quality Assurances

                                                Employer:        Piedmont Poultry Company/ Servac, Inc.

Oct 1985 – May 1986              Title:    Owner & CEO

         Employer:       Magna Technologies, Inc., Research Triangle, Park, NC                       

Sep1981 – Oct 1985               Titles:  Assistant Professor

                                                Employer:   North Carolina State University

                                                Department of Food Animal & Equine Medicine

Partner in Business innovations:

             1.         Paradigm Spine: Co-Founder and shareholder.

             A pioneer pharmaceutical company in the area of non-fusion spinal  implant technology. The company was founded in 2005. The company still private and valued at $750 million. Headquarter in New York, NY

            2.         Centinel, a shareholder in the compay since 2017. The company were purchased from Johnson & Johnson. The company is still private and planning to be on the NY stock exchange by the end of the year. Company headquarter is New York, NY

            3.         Magna Technology: Founder and Managing Director

            The Company was established in 1983 in North Carolina to develop new technology in disinfections and sanitation.

            4.         Rinehard Lake Mary Surgical Center, LLC

           The company was established in 2003 in the State of Florida with an initial budget for $4 million.

            5.         Ansara Heathrow Center, LLC

            The company was incorporated in 2004 to build a turnkey 35,000 SF  The building was sold for $5.5 million.

              6.         Ansara Heathrow Center Phase 3, LLC

             The company was incorporated in 2005 to build 37,000 SF commercial office building and technology center in the heart of the business district in Lake Mary, Florida. The project was completed and sold in 2008 for $8 million.

                7.         Ansara Medical Center, LLC

              The company was incorporated in 2007 in the State of Florida after the acquisition of Altamonte Medical Center and 616 Building from Florida Hospital in 2007 and 2008. The current value is $8 million

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