The American Mideast Coalition for Democracy Applauds Trump’s Decision on Jerusalem

December 7, 2017

Washington DC: The American Mideast Coalition for Democracy, representing Americans of many diverse Middle Eastern backgrounds, gives President Trump its support on his plan to move the US embassy and in recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

With this courageous move, President Trump has fulfilled his campaign promise and made good on Congress’s Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995. The move represents a bi-partisan consensus over decades. 

“The status quo has accomplished nothing,” said AMCD’s President, John Hajjar. “There were no progress made in the peace process which was exploited by Muslim Brotherhood and Khomeinists as well as Jihadi terrorists. Ordinary Palestinians and Israelis and moderate Arabs got nothing from the dangerous status quo.”

“President Trump is bold, decisive and unafraid of the either the criticism or the violence coming from Islamists and their supporters,” said AMCD’s co-Director, Tom Harb, adding, “We applaud him.”

We urge the leadership of the Palestinians to start negotiations over their future state including Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem. Any formula accepted by both sides, even to include these neighborhoods in a special status linked to a Palestinian state and its capital should be open for discussion as President Trump announced.

AMCD stands firmly behind President Donald J. Trump.

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