AMCD Advisor Dr. Walid Phares meets with Swedish Democrats; Apostolic Nunciature

February 14, 2019

Ms. Julia Kronlid, Walid Phares and Mr. Aron Emilsson

Co-Secretary General of the Transatlantic Parliamentary Group and advisor to AMCD, Dr. Walid Phares, met with a small Swedish delegation in Washington, D.C. for the National Prayer Breakfast. Ms. Julia Kronlid and Mr. Aron Emilsson, both members of the Swedish Parliament and Swedish Democrats, briefed Dr. Phares on the status of their party in Sweden and the European Parliament and discussed the role of the Swedish Democrats in garnering support for Middle East Christians and ethnic minorities within Swedish Parliament. In return, Phares briefed them on a variety of international security issues– including ISIS, Iran, and the various conflicts in the Middle East — and the ways the Swedes can partner with the United States and other European countries to support Christians and minority communities in the Greater Middle East. The meeting also included a discussion on transatlantic relations, particularly on European-Trump administration partnership.

Monsignor Walter Erbi, Walid Phares and his assistant Brooke Stroyke

Later, Phares was received at the Apostolic Nunciature of the United States by Deputy Head of Mission, Monsignor Walter Erbi. Phares was briefed on the Pope’s visit to Abu Dhabi— his meetings with the leaders of the UAE and his signed document with Sheikh Al Azhar Ahmad Tayyeb. As Co-Secretary General of the Transatlantic Parliamentary Group (TAG), he communicated the group’s support for this week’s Warsaw Summit as a forum to organize international assistance to Middle East and North African Christians & minorities. Phares provided the Monsignor with his policy suggestions regarding Middle East Christians to be communicated to the Vatican. Phares is pictured with Monsingor Erbi in front of a portrait of Pope Francis, commissioned in 2015. 

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