AMCD calls on Secretary Pompeo to Engage Ex-Pat Lebanese Leaders

March 26, 2019

The American Mideast Coalition for Democracy calls on the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, to engage Lebanese leaders outside of Lebanon who are not beholden to Hezbollah and who have fought for a free and independent Lebanon for decades.

The Lebanese American community is one of our most successful immigrant groups, with many Lebanese making their way up the ladder of success in business, academia, sports, the arts, and politics. Some have dedicated their lives to helping Lebanon achieve true pluralistic freedom such as they enjoy in America.

Just as the State Department officially engages the Cuban and Venezuelan communities in the US in order to pressure Cuba and Venezuela on socialism, so should the US employ the American Lebanese community to help make its points against Hezbollah’s domination of Lebanon’s government.

Lebanese Americans played an important role in the Syrian Accountability Act & UN Resolution 1559, which called on all militias operating in Lebanon to disarm.

American Lebanese were also active during the Trump Campaign and are pro-active now as well in Arab media conveying the positive agenda of President Trump.

Lebanese Americans are prepared to help free their homeland from the grip of this dangerous terror organization. Hezbollah must be expelled from Lebanon. Iranian influence in the internal politics of other countries must cease – starting in Lebanon.

American Lebanese are with you Mr. Secretary! Please give them the opportunity to show it.

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