AMCD Condemns Antisemitism Displayed by Ilhan Omar

February 16, 2019

Washington DC: The American Mideast Coalition for Democracy condemns the antisemitic words used by freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Minn) and the disdainful attitude toward Jews she evinces.

“This kind of casual antisemitism is unfortunately widespread in the Muslim world among many different ethnicities” (Omar is Somali), said AMCD co-chair Tom Harb.

 “After the Second World War, antisemitism was largely eradicated from the Western world, at least among polite society” added John Hajjar, “but that was never the case in the Muslim world where Jews remain the all-purpose scapegoat for all kinds of political and social problems. There, hatred toward Jews is preached from the mosques on a regular basis and politicians blame the Jews for any and all societal shortcomings.”

Hossein Khorram AMCD Vice Chairman stated, “It was a good thing she apologized, but for Representative Omar, to suggest that the members of Congress support Israel because the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) financially compensate them, shows how little she knows about US Middle East Policy. Members of Congress and the Trump Administration support of those who wish to live peacefully within their borders and at peace with their neighbor nations. This goes back to the very principles that our nation was built upon and is an integral part of American exceptionalism,” Khorram added. “As a Muslim immigrant and a five-time delegate to the AIPAC Policy Conference I am proud of my support for State of Israel and its right to exist! Support that I freely give as part of my civic duty just like most members of Congress do.”

Khorram is equally disturbed by the accusation that Rep. Ilhan Omar leveled against the Trump administration: that it is waging a “coup” against the Venezuelan government by recognizing opposition leader Juan Guaido, who temporarily assumed presidential powers in an effort to unseat Nicolas Maduro.

“If Rep. Omar had opened her heart and mind and really listened to the cries of the Venezuelan people she would not have made these reckless remarks. Any path to democracy and liberty is a treacherous one, including our own,” continued Mr. Khorram. “The attitude of indifference or collusion with the Venezuelan people’s tormentor is in total contrast with the obligations and qualities that has made us Americans. Representative Omar should know this.”

Furthermore, Ms. Omar brought antisemitism to the halls of Congress during the House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Venezuela. Her shameful effort to humiliate and browbeat esteemed US diplomat Elliot Abrams during questioning revealed the disdain and utter disrespect born of antisemitism held by this young woman toward the distinguished, older, Jewish man.

AMCD calls on Speaker Pelosi to remove Omar from her seat on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs forthwith and we join with President Trump in calling on her to resign from Congress. We also note that Ms. Omar is backed by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) which openly represents the radical Muslim Brotherhood in America and is closely tied to the terror group, Hamas.

Neither Islamism nor antisemitism have any place in the United States Congress.

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