AMCD Defends Walid Phares Against Attack by the New York Times

June 4, 2020

The American Mideast Coalition for Democracy strongly defended its senior advisor, Dr. Walid Phares, against a reckless attack by New York Times reporters, Adam Goldman and Michael S. Schmidt. AMCD Secretary, Rebecca Bynum, who had served as Dr. Phares’ assistant during the 2016 Presidential campaign, penned a detailed and well-considered defense which appeared in New English Review, but AMCD’s leadership had still more to say.

“It is clear that Dr. Phares, like all other Trump advisers, testified to Congress in the so-called “Russia affair,” but even if he had been questioned and cleared by the Mueller team (and we don’t even have any confirmation of that by the DOJ), the only reason that information was leaked was a crude attempt to damage his reputation,” said AMCD co-chair, Tom Harb.

“This just goes to show how desperate the Mueller team was at that time to find anything they could use to bring down President Trump,” added AMCD co-chair, John Hajjar. “Apparently they were even taking tips from America’s enemies like the Muslim Brotherhood. The question needs to be asked: Why is the New York Times doing the Ikhwan’s bidding now?”

“I thought leaking classified information is illegal,” suggested AMCD vice-chair, Hossein Khorram. “Whoever leaked this information should obviously be investigated, but that’s unlikely to happen. Some people inside the intelligence agencies and possibly the Justice Department seem to still be feeding highly selective information to the press for the purpose of damaging their targets. This can’t go on.”

“President Trump has been reforming the Washington corrupt system, but the work is only partially complete,” continued Mr. Harb. “The corruption in government is much more extensive and pernicious than anyone could have believed a few years ago. And I might add, they have deeply damaged the reputation of their willing accomplices in the press as well.”

AMCD unequivocally supports Dr. Walid Phares, who has shown incredible courage in exposing radical Islamists and Jihadists of all stripes. He was correct to oppose Obama’s Iran deal and correct to oppose the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and worldwide.

The New York Times is supporting radical Islamists when it attacks their opponents. It seems that if they believe they can damage President Trump or any or his supporters by doing so, they will allow themselves to be used by the most radical elements in the Islamic world. Misters Goldman and Schmidt and the New York Times have acted unethically.

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