AMCD Denounces Iranian Missile Launch into Syria

October 3, 2018

Washington DC: The American Mideast Coalition for Democracy strongly condemns the Iranian reckless show of force in launching ballistic missiles into Syria close to US forces.

“The Islamic regime with tens of thousands of their IRGC forces in Syria could have easily targeted ISIS from much closer range for better results. But the regime had to fire missiles with words of hate such as ‘death of America,’ ‘death to Israel’ and ‘death to Saudi Arabia’ from 800 kilometers away!” remarked Iranian American, AMCD Vice President. Hossein Khorram.

“This action is yet another testimony that the Iranian regime is determined to spread the hatred and religious apartheid to their last breath,” continued Khorram. “I strongly believe any negotiation will further enable the regime to inch closer to acquire nuclear weapons to enslave world as they have done to their own people.”

AMCD believes the only viable option for the West is the help Iranian people replace the Islamic apartheid regime with a democratic one. As Secretary Pompeo has repeatedly stated, “We stand with the Iranian people.”

Although it comes at an extreme cost to their standard of living, the Iranian people support President Trump’s increased sanctions against the Iranian regime so as long as it paves the way to possible freedom for them.

The unelected, self-appointed clerical Iranian regime attempt to hold the world hostage to its endless greed has not changed since they took U.S. Embassy personnel hostage in 1979. AMCD stands for freedom for Iran.

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