AMCD Meets with Congresswoman Maria Salazar

March 31, 2021

On March 29, 2021, American Mideast Coalition for Democracy members met with Congresswoman Maria Salazar (R) Florida. She is on the House subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa.

AMCD co-chair Tom Harb led the meeting and brought several more members who live in her district. Most notable was the head of the World Maronite Union, Sami el Khoury, who spoke to the Congresswoman in Spanish.

Our members were very impressed with Congresswoman Salazar’s passion for liberty and commitment to fighting creeping socialism. Tom explained the dire situation in Lebanon due to its domination by Hezbollah and the need to keep Iran isolated and to restrict its ability to fund terrorist organizations around the region, especially in Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen.

Mr. Harb also brought up the 25-year, 400 billion dollar deal just signed between China and Iran. This deal will give Iran a way to export unlimited amounts of oil directly to China (at a discount) and access to the Chinese banking system which will allow them to get around the sanctions imposed by the Trump administration. It will give China access to Iran’s military bases, integrate Iran into China’s Belt and Road initiative linking China to Europe, the Middle East and then to Africa, building modern infrastructure along ancient trade routes such as the Silk Road and enabling China to increase its influence globally.

One of our members pointed out that the China-Iran deal has been in the works for many years, but was put on hold when Trump as elected. China has pledged to help Iran with its nuclear energy program as well. Trade and military integration with China will strengthen Iran immeasurably. Our members all agreed this is an extremely dangerous development.

Chinese communists, Russian autocrats and Iranian mullahs are actively uniting against the US and the Western World in general.

Our women members emphasized the fact that Iran is a country of gender apartheid and that women’s rights there are nonexistent. This is especially striking as under the Shah, women served as senators, parliamentarians, educators, doctors, lawyers and indeed occupied the upper reaches of many occupations. Then, under the mullahs, women and children became the absolute property of men.

Congresswoman Salazar suggested holding hearings on the Iran-China deal and other issues, such as the plight of women in Iran, and offered to allow our input. This may certainly be possible after Republicans retake the House next year and then take control the committee agendas. AMCD will help to make that happen! We are fully behind Congresswoman Salazar and will do everything we can to ensure her re-election.

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