AMCD Supports Brian Hook Against Obstruction, Fears Foreign Influence

November 1, 2019

As reported by Adam Kredo, career officials in the State Department who are opposed to President Trump’s policy toward Iran have targeted the US Special Representative on Iran, Brian Hook, in a series of leaks meant to damage him while he was under consideration for the post of National Security Advisor.

“The political motivations that we detect behind the IG investigation into Brian Hook’s staffing decisions is more proof that Obama-era bureaucrats, which some call the ‘deep state,’ will stop at nothing to thwart President Trump’s Iran policy agenda that is working very well,” said AMCD co-chair, John Hajjar. “Want proof? Look no further than the peaceful revolution taking place in Lebanon by protestors – including Shia Muslims – who are fed up with the hegemony of force exercised by Tehran and its proxy Hezbollah. Look also to the protests in Iraq along the same lines. The people have had enough of jihadist tyranny from Tehran both in Iran and in its proxy states. The pot is finally boiling over and we can thank President Trump for squeezing Tehran financially through sanctions with real teeth.”

“The obstruction inside the government is part of an ongoing effort to undermine our President,” added AMCD co-chair, Tom Harb. “They want to sabotage his policies and destroy anyone who is endeavoring to carry them out. There are even reports that former Secretary of State, John Kerry, has advised the mullahs of Iran not to engage with the administration because President Trump would soon be out of office and then the JCPOA could be re-joined by his successor. This is outrageous!”

“Brian Hook is a true professional who has faithfully carried out the President’s policies,” continued AMCD vice-chair, Hossein Khorram. “We know that the so-called ‘deep state’ targeted the Trump campaign in 2016, then the transition, and has continued its attempt to destroy the President to this day. It is the duty of career professionals to carry out the President’s policies, not to work to undermine them. Those engaged in this type of unprofessional behavior must be punished.”

The AMCD leadership now has a concern even higher than seeing former Administration bureaucrats sabotaging the work of an incumbent Administration. We have a legitimate concern that such sabotage is the product of foreign influence, in this case from the Iranian regime. We urge the US Senate to look into the connections between those who profited from the Iran deal and those who are leading the obstruction of current US policy on Iran.

AMCD stands firmly with the people of Iran against the 40-year tyranny of the mullahs.

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