David Lazar, AMCD Board Member, Has Passed Away

January 6, 2019

We are sad to announce that our dear friend David Lazar, Chairman of the American Mesopotamian Organization based in California, has passed away.

“David was a tireless advocate for his community, the Assyrians, the world’s oldest civilization. He cared deeply for the persecuted and forgotten and loved his family passionately,” said AMCD co-chair John Hajjar. “His voice and powerful advocacy will be missed and he will never be forgotten.”

Dr. AMCD advisor Walid Phares said, “David was a businessman in his daily life, but he dedicated most of his life to a cause dear to his heart, and his Assyrian community: the defense of the Christians in Iraq and the Middle East. He worked hard to send aid to northern Iraq and worked with members of Congress and the UN to protect these vulnerable communities, especially after the ISIS genocide in 2014.

“David was a wonderful and a compassionate man. He will be missed by his community and by many Americans. So long ‘Melfono.’”

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