Ikhwan Front CAIR and Pro-Iran-Deal HuffPo Smear Young American Professionals

March 21, 2019

The smear attacks waged by Muslim Brotherhood front, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and Iran Deal backer, Huffington Post, on two young Americans – one serving in the Administration and another building a distinguished media career – demonstrate once again that the Iranian regime and Ikhwan backers in the US are working in tandem to deter any critique of their ideologies, or criticism of their influence, which is growing both inside and outside of Congress.

The two newest victims of smear tactics by the Brotherhood and Iran lobbies in Washington are Eduardo Neret and Faith Vander Voort. Mr. Neret, a Finance undergraduate student at the University of Florida in Gainesville, is a rising media commentator who has completed internships at Fox News and the Department of Justice. Ms. Vander Voort is a spokesperson at the Department of Interior and has worked on the Hill at a number of offices and committees. Well known in Washington circles, Vander Voort’s experience with these Islamist lobbies is similar to that of Heather Nauert, formerly at the Department of State, who was also savaged by the Ikhwan-Iran lobby and the same far-left media fellow travelers.

Neret and Vander Voort are representatives of a young generation of Republicans who are well-educated, well-informed and filled with ambition to serve their country. Both are seen by their peers as future players in shaping opinions among their generation.

“This is precisely why notorious CAIR and pro-Iran regime Huffington Post jump on them – to muddy their names and cut them off from developing great professional careers,” said John Hajjar, Co-Chair of the American Middle East Coalition (AMCD).

AMCD represents the anti-Jihadist and pro-democracy leaders of the US Middle Eastern and Muslim communities in the US. AMCD has developed strong outreach to the Administration and has good bipartisan ties to Congress. Its leaders, Arab Mideasterners, Iranians, Africans and others often appear on American and Middle Eastern media.

Mr. Hajjar went on to blast CAIR as “the central hub for Muslim Brotherhood influence in Washington DC. Behind CAIR, which has been designated as a terrorist entity by the UAE and several other Arab countries, is the Qatar regime. Qatar aims to destroy any opposition to its agenda in America. Now they are targeting these brilliant young minds in order to intimidate them. But we won’t allow this to happen. We will take action against these smears, as Representative Nunes is taking action against Twitter for allowing smears to spread.”

Tom Harb, co-chair of AMCD said, “The Huffington Post is known for its support of the Iran Deal, and has been attacking US politicians, members of Congress and activists who oppose the Deal for years. Why these left-wing websites are smearing Americans opposed to the Deal that transferred 150 billion dollars to Tehran is a mystery, unless some media in the US are profiting somehow from the money of the Deal.”      

Hossein Khorram said, “I have reviewed the charges by the Ikhwan group CAIR and by the pro-Iran regime web site Huffington Post against Neret and Vander Voort. There is nothing of substance in this attack. They claim the two young professional are ‘Islamophobes’ because they expressed their opinion about Islam and the Jihadists. I am Muslim and work with thousands of Muslim-Americans across the country. We have differences among ourselves. If regular Americans express themselves about these issues we shouldn’t harm them in public nor destroy their professional reputations. We should engage them.” He continued, “What the attackers of these two young people are doing is similar to the tactics used by the Iranian regime and the Jihadi forces in the Middle East. They want to silence them.”

AMCD board member and Egyptian-American, Ashley Ansara said, “We American Muslims won’t accept that Ikhwan CAIR continues to harass people and smear them in the media, while claiming CAIR represents the Muslim community in America. All that they represent is the Muslim Brotherhood.”

He continued, “The silent Muslim majority has had enough of CAIR’s intimidation. We reject their portrayal of these two excellent young people by CAIR and the Iran Deal mouthpiece, Huffington Post. I would further point out that CAIR operates as a charity, yet it is clearly a political organization. At the very least, its 501 (c) 3 status should be revoked forthwith.”

CAIR’s target, Mr. Neret, replied, “While it’s not surprising, it’s absolutely disgusting that the left-wing rag that is the Huffington Post would try to link a nearly two-year old podcast by a college student and his friend to the recent terrorist attack in New Zealand. The coordinated circulation of the article by CAIR and Mother Jones follows a pattern of smears and hit jobs that are all too common on the radical left and Muslim Brotherhood precincts. 

“It’s also amusing that the Huffington Post would defend and make excuses for Sharia law, a legal framework seen by many (including in the Muslim world) as harboring injunctions that are notoriously anti-women and anti-LGBT. Instead of examining the roots and dangers of radical Islamic terror, the Huffington Post and its authors would rather condemn two college students who had a discussion on the subject. Their fear of an open dialogue is telling.”

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