Iranian-Americans to Demonstrate Across America

Mideast-Americans to Demonstrate Across America in support of Iranian, Lebanese,  Iraqi and all other people  in the region for their recent struggle and quest for Democracy and Peace. 

Saturday November 23, 2019:

Houston, Texas:  2 PM Post Oak Blvd and Richmond Avenue.

Sunday November 24, 2019:

Washington, DC:    In front of the White House,  2-5pm

Atlanta, Georgia:    Protest against CNN. – across from the CNN building – 2pm.

Washington State:    12-3 PM  Bellevue, WA. At the corner of NE 4th and Bellevue Way.

Los Angeles, California:    2-5 PM Federal Building. 11000 Wilshire Blvd.

New York City:   2 PM United Nation Building, 405 E 42nd Street.

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