Letter to President Biden on behalf of Iranian Women

February 21. 2021

We suggest our members sign and send to the White House. From Alliance of Iranian Woman:

Dear President Biden,

Thank you for being a champion for women’s empowerment and progress on gender equality. And congratulations to Vice President Kamala Harris who embodies the dreams of many a woman.

Sir, Iranian women have no such advocates among the rulers. Under the Islamic regime in Iran, gender apartheid is institutionalized on the state level. Among countless other concerns, many leading clerics continue to describe women as animals created for the pleasure of men.

A distinct majority of Iranian-Americans urge you to stand by Iranian women, especially those being unlawfully detained in Iran’s prisons. The cornerstone and condition for any negotiation with the Islamic regime in Iran should be the human and civil rights violations of the deserving people of Iran, especially the brave women. There is no longer, any disregarding or turning a blind eye to those flagrant and blaring transgressions that are daily committed by Tehran’s leaders, against the Iranian people.    

If you seek a peaceful Middle East and world, safe from the threat of nuclear arms, then please stand with the women of Iran who strive for their own and our nation’s emancipation from the totalitarian Khomeinist regime. Allow the people of Iran to take their country back and live as respected members of the international community, again.  

Mr. President: 42 years isolation of a peaceful, progressive people under abuse and gender apartheid should come to an end, and only the United States can be an effective wellspring for this much needed development. With two million Iranian-Americans as a bridge of friendship and cooperation the problem of the Middle East and Nuclear bomb will be easily solved, if the Western Democracies consider the benefits of having a peace-loving Iran also run by her very educated women, to negotiate with. 

If in the 1990’s, democratic governments around the world, stood against racial apartheid in South Africa, why not stand against the gender apartheid in Iran?

Yours sincerely,

(In addition, we at Alliance of Iranian Women, urge you all to sign our petition.)

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