Nada Elia’s Poisonous Propaganda

by Rebecca Bynum (June 11, 2020)

Nada Elia, a well-known pro-Hamas, anti-Israel and anti-American journalist, continues to pour her particular brand of poison into the minds of those reading the Middle East Eye – itself a Muslim Brotherhood propaganda organ.

Her anti-Americanism is on full display as she calls for the defunding of all police forces in the United States because, according to her, they are all racists bent on carrying out horrific violence upon innocent people of color all across the country. She repeats a now common canard about American law enforcement having its origins in “slave patrols,” which were limited in time and place (18th to early 19th centuries in the Old South) and are certainly not the origin of all American police forces. Nevertheless she continues, “US police forces have always prioritised ‘property’ over humanity,” (emphasis mine). I’m sure this is news to most Americans and is a ridiculous slander against our police, but that’s not all.

Elia states flatly that the entire criminal justice system in America is racist root and branch, but she goes even further by pointing to the Israel-US joint training efforts to enhance law enforcement’s ability to identify and quickly neutralize terrorists in our midst. This has become another far-left propaganda tool insinuating that the evil Israelis are targeting the local Arabs simply because of their ethnicity and therefore they are teaching American law enforcement to target blacks and Hispanics. Oh yes. This kind of poison propaganda is growing.

And as if that leap of logic isn’t breathtaking enough, she goes on to assert that this “joint training of US police and the Israeli military has absolutely changed the practices of US police officers. The training is provided by a military force whose very mandate hinges on the racist enforcement of injustice – a force that does not even pretend to treat all people equally” (emphasis mine).

Yes, we are expected to believe that the rioting, murder and mayhem that have gripped American cities over the past two weeks is all the fault of the evil Israelis. It is difficult to imagine a more fatuous premise, but there it is, from the pen of Nada Elia, in the pages of the Middle East Eye. Neither she nor her pro-Ikhwan and pro-Iranian regime brethren stood by the unarmed protesters in Iran, iraq or Lebanon who were revolting against government oppression. It’s a telling observation. While millions of Muslims are being detained in concentration and indoctrination camps in China, Nada Elia and the Islamic Republic of Iran have turned a bind eye. 

The enemies of America are all doing their best to inflame the situation so as to weaken America from within; to cause us to distrust our institutions and authorities and erode the rule of law.

We are a county of laws; laws created by the people’s representatives. Without the rule of law, our nation ceases to exist, which is of course, the hoped for result of those pushing such poisonous propaganda. May they never succeed.

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