Petition: Lies, Inhumanity and Coronavirus Outbreak: How the Iranian Regime Scams the Iranian People

by Molly Rozbeh (April 8, 2020)

While most countries are fighting the coronavirus with their people, the Islamic Republic in Iran, instead of cooperating with the Iranian people in controlling and managing the crisis, is doing its best to extort money from the international community in order to receive cash it has been denied by sanctions imposed by the United States. Under the pretext of fighting the coronavirus, it has set out to address its financial inadequacies in support of their regional terrorism due to the direct impact of those smart sanctions that exclude food and medicines.

The Islamic Republic is demanding a $5 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund, indicating that the Islamic Republic is hiding behind the coronavirus to advance its terrorist goals. And for this reason, Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah terrorist group, demanded the lifting of sanctions against Iran during this crisis.

The kleptocratic government of Iran seeks to obtain a huge loan that comes at a time when, in addition to taking no effective action against the coronavirus, they have even prevented Doctors Without Borders from entering, and have looted the humanitarian aid that was designated for the people. Instead they have sold them at exorbitant prices and have sent shipments to Lebanon, Syria and Iraq of food and medicine that were destined for Iran.

On the other hand, there are thousands of billions in assets belonging to the Iranian nation sitting in the accounts of Ali Khamenei, the religious and military leader of the Islamic Republic, and other agents of the regime who refuse to help support the health of the society against the coronavirus—not one dollar has been contributed by them. And for this reason, they have announced falsely that the coronavirus has been defeated by the terrorist Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and in the streets of Tehran religious celebrations can be seen!

Given that the showcase government of the Islamic Republic is devoid of any authority and the lives of the people are of no importance to them, like the whole government, the signatories on the above text demand that more pressure be put on the Islamic Republic and no cash donations be made. The blocked accounts of Ali Khamenei and his entourage should be used to help the Iranian people against the coronavirus under supervision of the United Nations, rather than new financial injections into the Islamic Republic terrorist funding economy.

Best Regards,

The Women Organization of Iran,
Molly Rozbeh, PhD

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