Tom Harb meets with US officials about the protection of the #LebanonProtests

Press release from the World Council of the Cedars Revolution:

December 17, 2019

The Secretary General of the World Council of the Cedars Revolution (WCCR), Tom Harb, met with officials at the State Department and at the NSC at the White House to be briefed on the current US policy towards Lebanon. Harb was told the Trump Administration is committed to stand with the people of Lebanon as they express themselves and that Secretary #Pompeo has issued several statements in that direction. Harb inquired about aid to the #LebaneseArmy so that the latter can properly protect the demonstrators from militia thugs. He underlined that Lebanese American NGOs are getting multiple reports about how the army has protected the protests since October but also increasing reports about military elements who were beating up the protestors in several areas.

The US officials promised they will raise the matter with the command of the LAF. Harb said his international NGO is receiving many petitions by civilians in Lebanon requesting investigations of the attacks by militias and some militiamen wearing military uniforms against citizens on the streets. Some of those protesters happened to be US citizens as well.

Harb will inform the leadership of the Lebanese diaspora of the findings and of the position of the US.

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