Tom Harb on Al Arabiya Discusses the US Presidential Election amid the Pandemic

by Tom Harb

The options to the American Arab & Middle Eastern communities are very clear: Either vote for Trump who pulled out from Iran nuclear deal and built a coalition with the Arab World against Iran or vote for Biden who will re-establish an alliance with the Iranian regime and give them everything. The same applies to the Muslim Brotherhood. (Remember, the Obama-Biden administration allied with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt before the people mobilized and demanded its ouster.) Watch the interview here.

President Trump is managing the corona virus catastrophe which originated in China and spread worldwide after the Communist government attempted to cover-up the problem and delay the international response. And despite condemnation from Democrats and the World Health Organization, the President early took bold and decisive action to curb its spread in the US. He has also done an admirable job bringing the private sector to bear on the need for ventilators and for testing, despite the constant carping by the press.

The American people are asking that their legislators pass bills seeking to recoup the damage done to our country by China on behalf of the people and hopefully other nations will do likewise if their people demand it.

Trump can lead the economic recovery because he has done a masterful job on the economy and trade over the last 3-1/2 years. The American people can trust him to make the economy great once again.

What the Democrats and their accomplices in the media have done by creating the Russia Hoax to try to take down the President over the last 3-1/2 years is a crime against the country. Their massive lie is starting to unravel and the tables are being turned against them. The truth will come out.

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