Trump Victory Winter Retreat

December 27, 2019

Brad Parscale, Laura Trump and Hossein Khorram

The American Mideast Coalition for Democracy (“AMCD”) has been a staunch supporter of the Trump Administration on both policy and the re-election campaign. Hossein Khorram the AMCD Vice Chair was representing the 10 million Middle Eastern Americans  at the Trump Victory Winter Retreat in WA DC from Dec. 13-15, 2019. 

Donald Trump Jr. and Hossein Khorram

The Trump Victory Winter Retreat was attended by President Trump, VP Pence, most of the Trump family, all of the Republican National Committee officials and the entire Trump Victory Finance Team.

John Hajjar and Tom Harb, AMCD Co-Chairs, both made major financial contributions to Trump Victory at this event where nearly $9 million dollars, which was close to 300% of forecast, was raised during and in connection to Trump Victory Winter Retreat.

Eric Trump and Hossein Khorram

AMCD encourages all freedom-loving Middle Eastern Americans who oppose Muslim extremism and support President Trump’s policy of maximum pressure to join forces with AMCD.

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