Walid Phares’ “The Choice” is out on Amazon

October 6, 2020

Our senior advisor Dr Walid Phares, former foreign policy advisor to President Trump and national security analyst for Fox News has published a new very timely book, “The Choice: Trump vs Obama and Biden in US Foreign Policy.” 

The long awaited essay, is based on three decades of experience in scholarship and foreign policy advising. More specifically, the book analyse 12 years of national security policy and challenges under the Obama-Biden Administration (eight years) and the Trump Administration (four years), and compare both before American voters engage in “The Choice” on November 3, and future elections.

Dr Phares, who published acclaimed books like “Future Jihad” in 2005 and prescient books like “The Coming Revolution” in 2010, has released “The Choice” to show the “night and day differences between the Obama-Biden and Trump approaches to important foreign policy challenges such as the Iran Deal, the Arab Israeli Peace Process, ISIS, Hezbollah, the Arab Coalition, civil societies and minorities in the Middle East, China, Venezuela, Russia, and also US homeland security, vetting, the Muslim Brotherhood, and more.

We at the AMCD praise and endorse “The Choice” and have sent copies to US Administration officials as well as to members of Congress. We invite our members, supporters and friends to acquire a copy. We will soon publish summaries and reviews.

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