WCCR Supports Lebanese Protesters’ ‘No Confidence’ in New Government

February 11, 2020

Washington DC: As the Lebanese economy continues to spiral downward, protesters gathered in front of the Parliament building in Beirut to prevent a vote of confidence for the government. Protesters attempted to block access to the MPs seeking to support the new Hezbollah-dominated government which is seeking relief from the International Monetary Fund. The World Council of Cedars Revolution (WCCR) wants to see a strong stand and statement from the Trump administration in support of the demonstrators’ rights.

“The average person in Lebanon is being crushed between the crashing economy and the Hezbollah kleptocrats,” said WCCR Director John Hajjar. “They want Hezbollah out and government competence restored. Right now, neither one of those things is happening.”

“We have reports that many people were hospitalized after the clash with police today,” added WCCR Secretary General Tom Harb.  “The people are tired of the corruption and they are tired of the intimidation coming from the government and its Hezbollah allies. They are facing tear gas, beatings and arrests to show the world they do not trust the new government. The army should refrain from attacking demonstrators and the new government of Lebanon must and should distance itself from Hezbollah.”

WCCR continues to stand with the people of Lebanon and we pray for those injured in today’s protest.

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