AMCD meets Amanda Makki, US Congressional Candidate (FL-13)

August 20, 2021

On Thursday, August 19, AMCD held a zoom meeting with Iranian-American Amanda Makki who is running for the Republican nomination in Florida’s 13th Congressional district which includes the city of St. Petersburg. She explained that though this is a traditionally Republican district, the seat has been held by the former Governor, Charlie Crist, since 2017. Since he is running for Governor once again in 2022, the seat is up for grabs in this district that is evenly split between Republicans and Democrats.

Clearly, we need a strong candidate to flip this seat back to the Republican column. Amanda seems to us to be that candidate. She pointed out what full Democratic control of the government has brought us and focused on these key issues: the Southern border crisis, divisive critical race theory being taught in the schools, extravagant government spending leading to inflation, and now the catastrophe in Afghanistan. She also believes the government has deliberately stoked fear of Covid-19 in order to push through their “great society” agenda of expanded welfare and entitlement spending. Amanda knows whereof she speaks having been a healthcare attorney who fought Obamacare before it was enacted.

Amanda is passionate, articulate and understands the issues facing the Middle East very well having immigrated here with her parents after the fall of the Shah. She sees many parallels between what is happening now in Afghanistan to what happened to Iran in 1979 – both are now run by terrorist governments due to feckless and naive Democratic leadership in the United States.

AMCD unreservedly endorses Amanda Makki for Congress.

If you would like to help Amanda win back this crucial seat, please consider donating to her campaign here.

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