AMCD Meets with Best-Selling Author Ken Timmerman

November 15, 2021

Ken Timmerman was working as a journalist in Lebanon in 1982 when he was taken hostage by Hezbollah. After his escape, he covered the Iran-Iraq war and has called Iran “the Islamic State” ever since as the most accurate label. Timmerman interviewed an ayatollah in Paris who informed him that everyone was looking for a moderate mullah, but Khomeini was the most moderate. Secondly, sharia law is inherently expansionist. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s role is to expand the area ruled by Islamic law. The third thing the ayatollah taught him is that Muslims split the world into two groups: Muslims vs the rest of humanity – the dar al-Islam (territory where Islamic law rules) vs the dar al-Harb (territory of war). Furthermore, there are only three choices for those within Islamic territory: conversion to Islam, death, or to pay the jizyah and live as second-class citizens with greatly circumscribed rights.

After 9/11, Timmerman already had the knowledge and experience to help the Western world comprehend the motivations of Islamists. He understood that Islam is a supremacist ideology seeking world domination. He believes the secular left cannot understand Islam as they insist on seeing the world as a mirror of themselves. President Clinton, for example, was fond of saying “They’re just like us.”

In response, Timmerman published Preachers of Hate: a series of interviews with Muslim clerics both in the East and West. The clerics at the Finsbury Mosque in London, for example, informed Timmerman that they are in the West in order to raise an army of Allah to take over – simple. Timmerman believes we need to listen to what they are saying and to take them seriously.

For the past 20 years, Timmerman has headed the Foundation for Democracy in Iran ( to serve as a focal point for dissidents in Iran to organize and to tell their stories. He encouraged a legion of citizen journalists to document the atrocities committed by the regime. They were the first to publish photos of the Iranian Guards throwing University students out of their dorm windows. He has been working to help the Iranian people and to inform the West of the nature of the Islamic regime ever since.

Question: Since Obama had a sunset clause to the Iran deal and Trump wanted no sunset clause, where is the Biden administration on this question? Also are they pressuring Saudi Arabia and the UAE to get Syria to join the Abraham Accords?

Answer: It’s not likely that Bashar Al Assad would join the Abraham Accords. The Biden team, like Obama and Carter before them is determined to “partner” with Iran over Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Morocco and the other moderate Arab states.

John Kerry, as Secretary of State, caved in to all the mullahs’ demands, one after the other: ballistic missiles development allowed, took sanctions off the Revolutionary Guards, then the Quds Force as well, gave them 2500 green cards, etc. Robert Malley will likely do the same thing and give the Iranians everything they ask for. The Europeans will likely complain like they did last time, but take no action.

Question: If Trump gets back into office, will the Iranians rise up and will they be successful this time?

Answer: It’s doubtful. Every time the Iranian have risen up, they have been suppressed with increasing brutality. The US can try to de-legitimize the regime on the world stage and can do a lot short of an invasion. Radio Farda and the VOA need to be re-vamped to support the dissidents.

Question: President Carter failed to understand that the Shah was protecting the whole world from the fanatics. Since the media’s job is to keep government honest, how can you explain why the media ignored what was happening in Afghanistan and all the corruption happening there?

Answer: The US went into Afghanistan with the CIA and special forces which had no first-hand media coverage. After the US installed Karzai, Afghanistan fell of the radar and all the press attention went to Iraq. The invasion had lots of coverage – Afghanistan lost the attention of the media. Meanwhile, the US was paying off warlords with suitcases full of cash and corruption spread over the country.

Question: Hezbollah is in both Lebanon and Venezuela. The Quds force is expanding all over South America and infiltrating leftist governments there. Is this the end of the Monroe doctrine?

Answer: That’s why we need the wall on our Southern border. We’re not a serious country without it. Hezbollah is also operating within the US. Operation Cassandra was an FBI program that tracked drug smuggling and money laundering by Hezbollah, but Obama shut it down. With Hezbollah bringing missiles into Venezuela, we could be looking at another Cuban Missile Crisis. Our country will be within range of their Scuds or even worse.

Question: The West is susceptible to emotional spikes. On Iran, we need universal condemnation – like what happened to South Africa under apartheid.

Answer: International shaming can be very effective. Unfortunately, CAIR, NIAC and other Quisling groups meet with the Democrats all the time and have great influence. We need to shame those who meet with them before we can shame Iran internationally with a sense of decency from the civilized world.

Question: Could we put together a report on Iran for publication in the mainstream media?

Answer: I wouldn’t put my hopes in the corporate media as long as the Democrat party remains wedded to the deal with Iran.

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