AMCD meets with Deputy Sheriff Vincent Cavaleri, possible candidate for Congress in Washington’s First District

September 20, 2021

On September 16th, members of AMCD met with Vincent Cavaleri to discuss his possible run against Suzan Delbene in 2022. The Mill Creek City councilman began by declaring his solidarity with AMCD and our mission. Then he reflected on the 9/11 attacks, how the country came together then, but is now more divided than ever. He was clearly distressed over the Biden administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and how the military left American civilians behind. He stated that when our soldiers love our country so much to volunteer their service and risk their lives, the country should love them back and never leave them behind. He feels strongly that a sacred promise has been broken by the Biden administration. He is distressed about what will happen to the innocent Afghans who have had 20 years of civil society and really don’t know what’s coming.

One member expressed concern about covid mandates eroding our liberties.

Cavaleri started the Silent Majority Foundation to look for ways to fight these mandates. He believes the 14th Amendment – the equal protection clause – is pertinent. Unvaccinated illegal immigrants are streaming across the border with no vaccine requirement, yet citizens can lose their jobs over religious objections.

Another member expressed the view that the Biden administration was purposefully trying to undo the United States.

Cavaleri expressed the view that we are in the age old battle between good and evil and feels it is better to live just one day on one’s feet than to live a lifetime on one’s knees.

Another member expressed the thought that he had come to America to get help for Iran, but now it is America which needs help.

Cavaleri expressed the need for the younger generation to understand the Constitution and how precious it is.

A member expressed the idea that Congresswoman Delbene is a Microsoft millionaire and she is out of touch with average people. Another member pointed out that Delbene was for the JCPOA (Iran deal) which gave the mullahs a free hand to oppress women and minorities in Iran. And that she has been silent on the treatment of women by the Taliban.

Cavaleri stated that the democrats own all of it – the Afghanistan failure, the bankrupting of American, the decimation of small business from the covid hysteria, the crime in our streets, the open borders, etc. Cavaleri believes Republicans must be more aggressive to regain control of Congress in 2022.

Another member expressed concern about Iranian money corrupting our press and politicians.

Cavaleri pointed out how some unions have entered into corrupt schemes of bribery and kick-backs. He also fears digital currency could give total control to the government which could track everything we do or buy.

Mr. Cavaleri wants to regulate social media like a utility.

We at AMCD wish Mr. Cavaleri all the best and hope he makes the decision to run!

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