AMCD meets with Derek Chartrand Candidate for Congress (WA-1)

July 21, 2021

Long-time Washington State resident, Derek Chartrand is running for the Republican nomination to defeat Congresswoman Suzan Delbene in Washington’s first district. During the meeting with AMCD on July 8, he was very upbeat about the ability of Republicans to take back the House in 2022.

Mr. Chartrand was born in Redmond and went to college at UC Berkeley, in California, which gave him insight into the left-leaning mind-set. He believes the American dream should have no limits and worries that the socialist push is about putting limits on what Americans can do.

On foreign policy, he believes in peace through strength and in not appeasing our enemies. Mr. Chartrand also believes we will have to go back into Afghanistan one day.

Our members pointed out the difficulty in breaking through the local media “black-out” of Republican candidates in Washington State. Even with Boeing moving a major production plant to South Carolina, which should be an indictment of Governor Inslee, the media does not allow the opposition much airtime.

Mr. Chartrand believes that re-invigorated vocational schools are an answer to much of the economic disruption caused by automation and the computer revolution.

Our members pointed out that interest rates on credit cards unfairly victimize the poor and perhaps should be regulated. They also pointed out that Russia is walking away from communism, while America is walking toward it.

Others contended that the main problem in Seattle is traffic congestion and that the light rail system put forward by the Democrats is far from ideal. Congresswoman Delbene, they asserted, always gets the benefit of the doubt from the press.

Mr. Chartrand reiterated his commitment to working-class families and believes that American capitalism provides the best path forward rather than the central planning coming from the Democrats. He also added that he is pro-police funding and that that alone should be a winning issue as protecting the public from criminal violence is the first order of government.

Some of our members expressed the belief that war with Iran is inevitable because the mullahs believe they must destroy Israel to fulfill their divine destiny.

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