AMCD Meets with Dr. Ali Mohseni – Is Covid 19 Manmade?

November 29, 2021

On November 26, 2021, members of the American Mideast Coalition for Democracy met with Dr. Ali Mohseni, a microbiologist who has been studying the novel corona virus. His first question was: What is novel about it? It does not fit the standard characteristics of corona viruses we’ve seen over the last one hundred years. Trump referred to it as the China virus and claimed it was engineered. Was he right?

Dr. Mohseni cited two sets of evidence: one circumstantial and the other forensic. The virus behaved very differently than anything we’d seen before. We still don’t know who patient zero was and we don’t know the original host species. China first claimed it came from a snake, then bats, then pangolins. The search for the truth has become very political.

Dr. Mohseni studied the genetic code of this virus and compared it to the closest known virus strains in the wild – those from bats and pangolins. He discovered that there is a section of the Covid 19 code that is missing in the naturally occurring viruses. It appears that a section was inserted from another virus in order to make it jump to humans and then to spread among humans.

Dr. Mohseni likened this insertion to a key that allows the virus to enter human cells. He also surmises that whoever engineered this virus, if that was the case, would not have done so without first having an antidote. He believes a Chinese plant holds the antidote.

Dr. Mohseni also explained that there are two gene banks where the genetic codes are stored. When a new virus is discovered, the codes are uploaded to one or both of these gene banks. One is the American gene bank and the other is GISAID located in Germany.

He partnered with another scientist in California and they noticed that the viruses coming out of Iran had an unusual number of mutations. The variants have about 8 mutations on average, while one virus coming from Iran had 201 mutations and another had 204. When he and his partner tried to investigate further, the genetic codes were removed from the data banks by the Islamic Republic. The Iranian regime has been changing and removing data so as to create confusion and prevent these variants from being traced back to Iran. He believes they may be working with the virus to interfere with how it responds to antibodies, thereby making it even more deadly.

Dr. Mohseni suspects that China and Iran might be working together to use the viruses as a means to suppress uprisings. It came out at the time China was cracking down on the uprising in Hong Kong and Iran was also dealing with a large uprising in which thousands were executed. The virus also may have helped to defeat President Trump who stood up to both regimes.

Dr. Mohseni worries that with the advent of CRISPR technology, the insertion of new gene sequences into viruses has become quite easy and even though the US is banned from exporting duel-use technology to Iran, they nevertheless have obtained top-of-the-line gene sequencers imported through shell companies set up in the UAE. There is nothing stopping them from manufacturing ever more deadly viruses with which to terrorize the world.

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