AMCD Meets with Jesse Jensen Candidate for Congress in Washington’s Eighth District

September 27, 2021

On September 23, 2021, AMCD members met with Jesse Jensen, who is running for Congress in Washington’s 8th District, a seat currently held by Congresswoman Kim Shrier. Mr. Jensen was born the son of a pastor in rural America. He worked with Congressman Thune and helped him to be elected to the Senate. Then he joined the service and served as a USAID representative and a State Department representative before joining the Second Ranger Battalion in Afghanistan. He is now helping to evacuate US citizens and special visa holders after they were left behind enemy lines by our military. He has been working tirelessly with others to get them out of the country. He said he has never been so ashamed of the United States’ government as he is right now.

Congresswoman Shrier has been silent and done nothing to help these poor people.

One of our members explained that he was just in Turkey and the people there love President Trump and were certain that Trump would have never allowed such a catastrophe to happen. Another said he thought Biden would destroy our country entirely if he is not stopped by the next election.

Mr. Jensen emphasized that taking back the House of Representatives is crucial and that we must ensure the integrity of elections.

Another member expressed disappointment with US foreign policy going back to Brzezinski, but thinks Biden is even more disastrous and that no one trusts American foreign policy anymore

Mr. Jensen expressed the need to a clean and transparent foreign policy with no backroom deals and above all no support for terrorists. He said the Biden State Department is completely in the hands of Democrats and needs to be cleaned out. Secretary Pompeo was alone at the top while everyone at the bottom continued advancing the democratic agenda for foreign policy.

Mr. Jensen thinks that one of Trump’s most important promises was to drain the swamp in Washington. Unfortunately he didn’t have enough time to do it.

AMCD supports electing men and women of integrity to Congress with Jesse Jensen on top of the list!

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