AMCD Meets with Joshua Freed, Republican Party Chair for King County, Washington

June 19, 2021

On June 17, 2021, Joshua Freed led a spirited discussion about how Republicans can win in the very blue state of Washington by championing conservative solutions to the state’s many problems. Mr. Freed also ran an unfortunately unsuccessful campaign to unseat Governor Jay Inslee.

Mr. Freed emphasized the need to fill vacant Precinct Committee Officer positions – currently only 14% of those positions are staffed. These officers are responsible for the on the ground door knocking activities that really get the message out to voters. They also chair community meetings where conservative solutions can be championed. One participant had just recently registered as a PCO and was happy to be involved on the grass-roots level of political activism.

Conservative solutions include economic development and rolling back regulations so new building in the cities can occur to provide affordable housing. Governor Inslee’s excessive lockdowns have killed over 6,000 small businesses. Inslee also de-certified the state mental hospital, putting more people out on the streets. Homelessness is a huge problem mostly fueled by drug and alcohol addiction. Freed proposes making a 12-month treatment program available. Freed explained that it is actually legal to possess up to 8 grams of heroin in Washington state.  Clearly this needs to change. Criminals are not being arrested and the police are being defunded. Crime and homelessness are exploding in the cities.

Members also voiced concern over voting integrity. Mr. Freed has already formed an Election Integrity Committee which has passed resolutions to ensure all votes count in King County.

Mr. Freed is also concentrating on helping Republicans run for planning commissions, city councils and school boards so that they will have experienced and qualified people to run for higher office.  School boards are especially critical as Washington schools are teaching critical race theory and educating young children about unusual sex habits – things they are clearly too young to understand and should not be exposed to.

Mr. Freed also spoke about the Governor declaring Washington a sanctuary state for foreign criminals, especially MS-13 who are engaging in drug and sex trafficking – a modern form of slavery. The Governor also legalized abortion for girls as young as 13 years with no parental notification – a clear aid to criminals engaging in underage prostitution. Kidnappings are also up 143%. Our members thought this could be a very effective campaign issue and suggested making ads using images collected by journalists such are Lara Logan who have focused on sex trafficking.

All in all, we found Mr. Freed to be extremely knowledgeable and articulate and we couldn’t understand how he lost to the looney Governor Inslee. We expressed hope that the common sense middle will re-emerge and, with new leadership, Washington State can begin to come back to its senses. No more CHOP zones, no more MS-13. Bring law and order back to Washington state!

We encourage all our members to become involved in grass-roots politics and especially to volunteer to become Precinct Committee Officers. Real change begins at the local level.

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