AMCD Meets with Michael Alfaro

November 8, 2021

On November 4th, members of AMCD met with Michael Alfaro. Mr. Alfaro is an ex-Marine who served as Trump Victory Finance Co-Chair for Illinois in 2020. After the Biden Administration’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, Michael stepped up to help get the family of the US ambassador from Afghanistan, Roya Rahmani, out of the country. The State Department not only refused to help, but actively blocked his efforts. Her family eventually made it to Canada and the US is “encouraging” the Ambassador to likewise go to Canada. They are not even offering her the ability to stay in the US. Perhaps she knows too much about US dealing with the Taliban.

Mr. Alfaro raised three million dollars to help with the evacuations. He estimates there are over 14,000 US citizens and green card holders left in Afghanistan. He believes most of these are safe as they are practicing Muslims. In addition, there are approximately 100,000 people who are under threat. Of these roughly 60% are Christians, 20% LGBTQ, 10% Hindus or Buddhists, and 10% are activists against the Taliban. These are being tortured, but not killed, to extort as much money as possible before they are allowed to leave the country. Many have been shot in non-life-threatening areas of the body, like hands, arms and legs. Flights are $5,000 plus $1,200 for a visa. Flights are so expensive because of insurance. Unsurprisingly, the insurance company is owned by Afghan officials allied with the Taliban.

It was pointed out that roughly one third of Afghans speak Dari, which is a variety Persian and are culturally closer to Iran than to the Pashtuns.

Russia, China and Iran are all moving into the country. China especially has had a long-standing relationship with the Taliban going back to 1998. It is rumored that ISIS even trained in China. China is importing lithium to make batteries and Iran is the major exporter to Afghanistan. Much US aid money therefore will go to Iran to purchase food.

Check Schumer has been the most active in helping people get out of Afghanistan. His people can cut through the red tape of the State Department.

Republican groups are raising money, but they are also being interrogated by the FBI for doing so.

UPDATE: AMCD members met with Mr. Alfaro again on December 3. He is working to help gain the release of Dr. Zorab Nawabi, who helped create schools for girls in addition to helping to jail Taliban members during the twenty years of US involvement in Afghanistan. This report on OANN tells her story. Since that report, she has delivered her baby, but contracted an infection and needs advanced medical care as soon as possible. 

Mr. Alfaro also estimates the remaining American citizens or green card holders still stranded in Afghanistan at 8,000, down from 14,000 one month ago. 

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