AMCD meets with Tiffany and Scott Smiley

June 10, 2021

Tiffany Smiley is running for the US Senate from the state of Washington hoping to take on Democrat Patty Murray who has held the seat since 2007. She and her husband, Scott, joined AMCD for a zoom discussion on June 8, 2021.

Tiffany was working as an emergency room nurse while her husband was on a year-long deployment to Iraq when he was blown up by a suicide bomber in Mosul and lost his sight in both eyes. She quit her job and went to Walter Reed hospital in DC to be with Scott when he returned. She refused to sign Scott’s discharge papers and fought the bureaucracy to keep him on active duty. She explained they didn’t want a hand out, they just needed a hand up. Then, they started a small business, had three children and moved around the country for Scott’s stateside assignments. He is to date the only blind officer in the military.

She fought to help reform the Veterans Administration and met with President Trump to share their story. In her run for Senate, she is concerned about our educational system and healthcare system. She believes the people can provide free market solutions to intractable problems the government is unable to solve. Together, Scott and Tiffany share a commitment to truth, hope and life.

Our members believe that Washingtonians are tired of the go along to get along style of leadership Murray has provided. She has seniority for having been in the Senate so long, but is ranked as the 94th worse Senator as far as actual accomplishments go. They questioned how Tiffany can galvanize the Republicans and Independents to join together to defeat Murray. It was revealed that according to a recent poll, 57% of Independents do not want Murray to run again. There was also widespread feeling that the situation in the schools, especially the school closures, are turning people away from the Democrats.

Our members noted that Patty Murray has been silent on the school closures and Tiffany spoke about there even being homeless encampments on school grounds – a clearly untenable situation that is being ignored by the Democratic leadership of the state. Crime is also skyrocketing due to the Democrats’ push to defund the police.

Our members also argued that Murray has voting to fund terror with her support for the Iran deal and to resume funding for the Palestinians – even to rebuild Gaza (ruled by Hamas) after the recent fighting (started by Hamas).

Our members also argued that one of the worst foreign policy blunders in American history was committed when President Carter enabled the Ayatollah Khomeini to come to power in Iran. Then, after 42 years of negotiation, nothing has changed. The mullahs will not cede power without a fight, but our members believe that overthrowing them is the best hope for peace in the Middle East.

Several members voiced the view that what they saw in Iran just before the revolution is also happening here. Our news organizations subvert the truth, our children are being brainwashed by critical race theory to hate their country and culture. Americans are no longer safe in our own country either with the purposeful breakdown of law and order.

It was also pointed out that the goal of Iran, Russia and China is to roll back American influence in the Middle East. This may well allow Iran to take the whole world hostage if it gains nuclear weapons. Fear of a massive coordinated jihad attack on our soil was also expressed.

Tiffany expressed the view that election accountability is paramount. Scott helped Iraq to hold its election and to make sure it was free and fair. Americans’ trust in our election process has been shaken and must be restored.

Another member pointed out that we support free elections on the one hand while at the same time supporting Islamists and putting Sharia law into their constitutions. Our foreign policy is schizophrenic. Some members pointed to corruption – that it is easier to buy off politicians than to effectively deal with the deep-seated problems in the Middle East.

Speaking about another top issue, health care, Tiffany stated her belief that the private sector holds the answer. She believes Obamacare was created purposely to fail and then pave the way to government takeover. She described her experience under Obamacare – fewer nurses, more work, more bureaucracy, less real health care.

AMCD members thanked Tiffany and Scott Smiley for their service and devotion to our country and we thank them for sharing their vision for the future of America. We support Mrs. Smiley wholeheartedly in her bid to replace Patty Murray in the US Senate.

Go Tiffany! We’re with you!

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