July-September 2019


AMCD co-chair, John Hajjar spoke with Russia Today on the Trump administration’s posture on Iran. Then Mr. Hajjar represented AMCD at the first National Conference on Conservatism. Watch his speech here.

AMCD called out the Lebanese Ambassador to the UN for protecting Hezbollah. And we blasted Governor Inslee, Senator Sanders and Julian Castro for pandering to Islamists at the ISNA conference in Houston.

AMCD activists met with the crown prince of Iran, Reza Pahlavi.

Then, once again, AMCD was frozen out of the Religious Freedom ministerial at the State Department.


AMCD praised Senator Marsha Blackburn and Representative Scott Perry for sponsoring legislation making female genital mutilation a federal crime.

AMCD vice-chair Hossein Khorram was featured in an article in the Seattle Times. He’s that rare bird in Washington State – a Trump supporter.

Our Canadian friend, Geoffrey Clarfield, continued to beat the drum about the need to help our Yazidi brethren in Iraq and Syria. He is working with AMCD board member, Khalid Haider, to help bring more Yazidi translators and others who have helped in the fight against ISIS to North America.


Once again, AMCD called for the Lebanese government and the UN to disarm Hezbollah and conform to UN Security Council Resolutions 1559 and 1701. Lebanon does not want to be a vassal state of Iran.

We tried to coordinate a meeting between the newly confirmed Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs, David Schenker, and prominent opposition groups in Lebanon. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful.

AMCD also called for ending Iran’s influence operations (which are well-funded and extensive) in the US. We also held discussions with The Middle East Forum to coordinate action to counter Islamist advocacy in State legislatures.

AMCD also obtained our status as a 501 (c) 4 tax exempt corporation.

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