July – September 2020


Well, it’s been a busy quarter. We began by supporting Secretary Pompeo in his call on Turkey for the Hagia Sophia to remain a museum. Naturally, the Secretary’s entreaty went unheeded. Dr. Toufic Hindi published a piece calling President Erdogan “a jihadist with a necktie,“ which pretty much sums up our thinking on the matter as well.

The Fourth of July saw a lively demonstration in front of the US embassy in Lebanon. We thanked Ambassador Shea for her support. Always up for a Trump rally, Hossein Khorram organized one for the Fourth of July in Washington State.

We were very happy to hear that Saudi Arabia had relaxed its restrictions on women living independently. Small progress, but progress nonetheless. Joe Biden, on the other hand, released a video in which he blatantly pandered to Islamists. Hossein Khorram answers him here. (In case you missed it, Biden pandered some more during the September 29th debate by using the word “inshallah.”)

When Politico attacked Trump appointee Tera Dahl, Hossein Khorram and Ibrahim Ahmed came to her defense, and questioned whether this attack was sponsored by Muslim Brotherhood interests.

 Lt. Gen. Abakar M. Abdallah penned a piece exposing yet another massacre in the Darfur area of Sudan.

AMCD sister organization, the Middle East Christian Committee (MECHRIC), weighed in on the destruction of Christian heritage monuments, specifically the statue of St. Louis and the conversion of the Hagia Sofia from museum to mosque in Turkey.


During the month of August, there were several Trump rallies (including boat rallies) headed up by Hossein Khorram who also served as the Trump Victory finance committee co-chair for Washington state.

When demonstrations began in Lebanon against their corrupt, Hezbollah-dominated government, AMCD sister organization, the World Council for the Cedars Revolutioncalled for restraint on the part of the Lebanese police.  WCCR also sent a memo to the Paris conference asking for help in removing Hezbollah from its entrenched position of power in Lebanon.


We began the month of September celebrating the legal ruling allowing educators to use our advisor, Dr. Walid Phares’ book, Future Jihad, in classrooms in Arizona. The Council on American Islamic Relations had sued after a Muslim student objected to the material. It’s good to know we still live in a country where blasphemy laws do not apply.

Naturally, AMCD praised the historic Abraham Accords and we praised Secretary Pompeo for placing snap-back sanctions on Iran and we fully supported our campaign to counter Iranian propaganda.

Collectively and individually we worked tirelessly for President Trump’s re-election. At the time of this writing, we still do not have a conclusion. Please join us as we pray for our nation and for all the nations in the Middle East which have benefitted from President Trump’s visionary leadership. We are proud to have been a small part of his success.

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