October-December 2019


We began the third quarter by showing President Trump how much Iranian Americans support him at an event in Beverly Hills, California. Iranian-Americans numbered about 20% of the total number of guests and were the largest single block at this event. Yes!

We also called upon the administration to mediate between the Kurds and Turkish forces in Northern Syria.  We supported the Fakhoury family in their efforts to free Amer Fakhoury from prison in Lebanon. (Congratualtions to Mr. Fakhoury and his family on his release on March 19, 2020.) And, naturally, we stood with the protesters in Lebanon as well. We renewed our support a week later as the protests in Lebanon grew.


We supported US special envoy, Brian Hook, as it was revealed he was subject to a campaign from within the administration to damage him while he was under consideration for the post of National Security Advisor. The deep state was also rather perturbed about the administration’s attempt to make changes to USAID. Again, we took notice and supported the administration.

AMCD co-chair, John Hajjar laid out a comprehensive plan for the US to support the Lebanese protests with an eye toward expelling Hezbollah from the government and fighting corruption.

When an Armenian priest was murdered in Northern Syria by the remnants of ISIS, AMCD called on President Trump to press President Erdogan for answers to this latest outrage.

AMCD urged the appointment of a special US task force to focus on the protests in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon so that positive political change might be fostered in those countries. We also supported the demonstrations of Iranian Americans all across America. Then, we issued support for the UN Secretary-General for calling for the Lebanese government to disarm Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon.

AMCD issued cautious support for the administration’s tying of foreign aid to religious freedom. Religion which relies on coercion is unworthy of the name.


AMCD supported Lebanon as it asserted its sovereignty against Iran as it threatened Israel from Lebanese territory.

AMCD co-chair, Tom Harb, who is also Secretary General of the World Council of the Cedars Revolution (WCCR), met with officials at the State Department and at the NSC at the White House to be briefed on the current US policy towards Lebanon.

And finally, AMCD vice chair Hossein Khorram attended the Trump Victory Winter Retreat!

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