October – December 2020


We began the month of October with great hope for President Trump’s re-election. Our advisor, Walid Phares published an important book entitled, The Choice, detailing the difference between the Trump administration’s successful foreign policy and the failed Obama policies likely to be revived under Biden. The book was immediately hailed by the Middle Eastern community.

We discovered that the Obama justice department opened an investigation of Dr. Phares on the basis of a “tip from Egypt” (read Muslim Brotherhood). Although nothing came of this investigation, it effectively prevented Dr. Phares from joining the Trump Administration, though he had been a key foreign policy advisor during the 2016 campaign. The Obama administration desperately wanted to maintain the Iran Deal, which at the time, was Obama’s major foreign policy achievement. AMCD co-chair, John Hajjar, maintains that the Obama administration was played by the Brotherhood. We surmise that this “dark probe” taken up by Robert Mueller was for the purpose of preventing both General Flynn and Dr. Phares from taking steps to eliminate the deal. How much more will the new Biden administration be duped by the same bad actors?


AMCD member Astrid Hajjar wrote an important article in September about Hezbollah’s activity in South America and its coordination with the government of Venezuela – contributing to corruption and food shortages. AMCD then stood with House member Paul Gosar and other House members who warned against the transfer of Iranian long-range missiles and ICMBs to Venezuela. This is something we will be keeping our eyes on going forward. AMCD co-chair John Hajjar also appeared on Al-Arabiya to argue for Trump’s foreign policy just before the election.


 We supported Senator Cruz’s effort to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. And speaking of the Muslim Brotherhood, we fought the Council on American-Islamic relations in Georgia in our get-out-the-vote effort for the Georgia Senate. Then we fought against the effort by CAIR and the “squad” to push Titra Parsi, the head of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), for a position to oversee Middle East affairs on the National Security Council (NSC). And finally, we opposed CAIR’s list of demands on the new Biden Administration.

The New Year will bring many challenges and it will take all our strength to withstand the many ways the Biden administration will try to roll back the gains of the Trump administration.

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