Statement on Afghanistan

by Hossein Khorram (August 1, 2021)

On this occasion, the United States played a decisive role in ending the most destructive war in world history, and we owe so much to U.S. Servicemembers who sacrificed so much.

Also, today marks the fall of Kabul and surrender of Afghan Government to Taliban, marking an end with no results to 20 years of U.S. Servicemembers sacrifices in sweat and blood, besides the one trillion dollars of our taxes gone to a terror organization who assisted in murder of so many Americans.

Two devastating wars, both fought on foreign lands one with victory and other in a humiliating defeat.

President Biden’s lack of courage and vision in Afghanistan resulted in 2,448 U.S. servicemembers lives lost in vain. In addition, he inadvertently provided the largest tax payer gift to a terror organization who aided with murder of 2,977 Americans on 911 nearly 20 years ago to this date!

I will neither forgive nor forget.

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