AMCD Issues Statement on Ukraine

While it is commendable for the US to be cautious concerning entering a possible nuclear conflict with Russia, the American Mideast Coalition for Democracy encourages a more forceful response on the part of the Biden administration to force Russia to the negotiating table to save as much of Ukraine as is possible.

“Putin demonstrated his sheer brutality by bombing civilian areas indiscriminately, hitting hospitals and kindergartens and killing hundreds of innocent civilians, including expectant mothers who were bombed in a maternity ward,” said AMCD Co-chair Tom Harb. “These are medieval tactics and Russia should be ashamed.”

“It is clear that Putin has taken the measure of President Biden and has concluded that Biden does not have the spine to stand up to him,” added AMCD Co-chair, John Hajjar. “Without strong US leadership, NATO is also struggling to find its footing. However, it is heartening to see Poland take such a strong leadership role since the Poles suffered for so long under the Russian yoke. They know what they’re up against, even as Biden dithers and appears to be clueless.”

“This war in Ukraine is a horrible tragedy which could have been prevented by strong US leadership of the kind President Trump provided,” said AMCD Co-chair Hossein Khorram. “A weak US is dangerous for the entire world and Ukraine is paying the price for American weakness.”

“With Russia, China, Iran and North Korea forming a bloc against the Western world, the table is set for an even more destructive world-wide conflict,” began AMCD Executive Director Rebecca Bynum. “If the world could be organized in the same way as the United States, with a representative government which would govern international affairs (just as our states govern state affairs and the federal government governs national affairs), war could then become a relic of the past. But until that day, nations will continue to conclude war is in their best interests. I fear even more terrible destruction is yet to come, especially with the proliferation of nuclear weapons. The twenty-first century could make the horror of the twentieth look like child’s play. Wise leadership is more crucial now than ever before.”

AMCD urges all parties to declare a ceasefire and begin negotiations in good faith.

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