AMCD meets with Loren Culp, Candidate for Congress (WA-4)

On May 12, 2022, members of the American Mideast Coalition for Democracy met with Loren Culp who is running for Congress in Washington State’s 4th District.

Mr. Culp previously ran for governor for Washington State in 2020. He obtained the most votes of any Republican candidate for governor in Washington state history, but still lost the race to the incumbent Governor Inslee. With all the irregularities in the 2020 election, he wants to make election integrity his top priority. Mr. Culp grew up in Washington State on his family’s farm. He married his high school sweetheart and they have been married for 44 years. He joined the 101st airborne and graduated form training with honors. He then went into residential construction and became a contractor. His childhood dream was to go into law enforcement and he attended the academy at age 49, then served in several capacities until he became chief of police for the town of Republic.

When the state passed an anti-gun initiative, he declared he would not enforce it as it violated the second amendment of the US Constitution. He received a lot of media attention and wrote a book titled, American Cop, which launched his political career based on standing for citizens’ rights. His message is getting government back within the confines of the Constitution.

His opponent, Dan Newhouse, voted to impeach President Trump and voted to set up the January 6th commission.  He voted with Speaker Pelosi 40-50% of the time, including for “red-flag” laws which allow the government to seize weapons from citizens. Today, Culp is 6 points up, but the primary is not help until August 2.

Mr. Culp believes in the America First agenda and has been endorsed by President Trump. He believes the reason the southern border is open and crime is not being prosecuted, is that the democrats want to let things get so bad that the public will eventually rise up and demand the government do something and then they will federalize the police. He believes small government closest to the people, governs best. His only special interest is the people.

He wants President Trump to come to Washington for a rally. There is a petition here. Anyone can sign.

Question: There are many Iranians in Washington state who want to see the monarchy restored in Iran and support Prince Pahlavi. What is your position?

Answer: I support the people of Iran and believe that the CIA and intelligence agencies have been meddling in the internal affairs of other countries. They need to be reined in.

Question: Khomeini cut a deal with President Carter and the democrats to reduce the price of oil resulting in 6 million Iranians fleeing to other countries and those who were left are hostages of the regime. Now, Russia, China and Iran are forming a bloc for blackmailing the world.

Answer: A former Major General in the Marine Corps and two-time Medal of Honor winner, Smedley Butler, wrote a book called, War is a Racket, after he retired. He explained how war financially benefits politicians and the military-industrial complex.

Question: It broke my heart to see the riots in Seattle and elsewhere, where the police stood down and did not protect property, just watched businesses burn to the ground.

Answer: Many cities have police chiefs that are appointed by the mayor and they just didn’t have the spine to stand up against the directives of the mayors and city councils. Sheriffs are usually elected. Some pushed back against these directives.

The law of the land is the U.S. Constitution where it is defended by our elected Sheriffs against overreaches by politically charged local or state government. I support Rosa Park’s right as guaranteed under U.S. Constitution against the unlawful local laws denying her a seat at the front of the bus. I would not have enforced illegal local laws to arrest her.

Question: What is your biggest goal?

Answer: To uphold and defend the Constitution and to role back with government to within the confines of the Constitution. The tenth amendment states that power not enumerated in the Constitution are reserved to the states and the people. Politicians have continually added to the size and complexity of government. That is why I am fighting against establishment Republicans who have been part of the problem for decades.  


Along with President Trump, AMCD unequivocally endorses Loren Culp for Congress.

Donate to his campaign here.

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