AMCD Meets with Scott Stephenson, Candidate for Congress (Wa-8)

On May 26, 2022, members of AMCD met with Mr. Scott Stephenson who is running for the Republican nomination in Washington State’s 8th district. If successful, he will run against incumbent Kim Schrier (D) in the fall in a traditionally Republican seat. Mr. Stephenson has put everything he has on the line, even quit his job to campaign full time.

Mr. Stephenson explained that he is an America First Republican and believes that strength at home equals strength abroad. Seattle is experiencing runaway crime, with murder up 40%, while the police force has been cut from 1200 officers to just 750.

Mr. Stephenson believes strong, stable families are the basis for a healthy society. He is against giving the World Health Organization authority over our pandemic policy and wants to make immigration a privilage again. The drugs and human trafficking pouring over our border are a national disgrace. If elected, Mr. Stephenson will support the impeachment of DHS Secretary Mayorkas.

Mr. Stephenson believes:

  1. No children = no future
  2. No border = no country
  3. No elections = no republic

He wants to strengthen our voter laws to include one day voting with no mail ins, voter ID, and the use of paper ballots only. Though Washington State was the first state to institute mail-in voting, Mr. Stephenson believes this to be a major mistake which undermines voter confidence.

The fourth plank in his platform is education and Mr. Stephenson related the story of how his stepson, while attending public school in Seattle, said that he didn’t always feel like a boy, meaning he wasn’t always the most athletic boy in school. The teacher called his mother in for a meeting and told her their son wanted to be a girl and the school had already picked out a new name for him and they were going to have a naming ceremony the next day. All this occurred within 12 hours of his unfortunate remark. The teacher then threatened: if the parents wouldn’t go along with it, she would ruin the boy’s life. Mr. Stephenson pulled his stepson from public school and put him into private school. He realizes, however, that that is not an option for most parents.

Mr. Stephenson believes that the trans issue is designed to undermine the family and to undermine children’s confidence in themselves which makes them easier to “influence.”

Q; What is you plan for the Middle East?

A: I can’t believe the Biden administration is trying to revive the JCPOA – Iran cannot be allowed to obtain nuclear weapons and they must be contained. I support the people of Iran against their government and support regaining energy independence at home. Money going to Iran for oil creates instability all over the world.

Q: Taking Iran out of the Russia-China-Iran bloc would take a big tool away from both Russia and China in their geo-political maneuvering.

Q: Most young people in Iran was to see a restoration of the monarchy as a constitutional monarchy under the Pahlavi family.

A: I remember before the revolution, Iran was the jewel of the Middle East; the question is, how best to achieve that goal. Many US interventions in the internal political affairs of other nations have not gone well.

Q: We don’t mean to suggest military action on the part of the US. The Iranian people need the internet (which the regime routinely blocks) and we want negotiations between the Western world and Iran to stop. Iran should be isolated. And Trump’s Abraham Accords were the best thing to happen in the Middle East for a long time. Unfortunately, peace and stability in the Middle East don’t pay – war feeds the military-industrial complex.

A: I think we need to return to following the Constitution. The choice about what their children should learn in school should belong to the parents – Independents and even Democrats are coming over to this message.

AMCD wishes Mr. Stephenson the best of luck in his upcoming primary. To find out more or to donate to his campaign, please go to:

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