AMCD Meets with Eric Marchant, Co-Founder of the Silent Majority Foundation

June 27, 2022

Mr. Marchant explained how he watched his country and his state (Washington) spiral out of control due to leftist policies and wanted to find a way to fight back. He decided to fight back in the courts and so co-founded the Silent Majority Foundation with Vincent Cavaleri, attorney Pete Serrano, and Rob Waites.

The first suits were brought against Governor Inslee for his unconstitutional vaccine mandates – jabs for jobs. They have filed seven lawsuits to date with the latest challenging Inslee’s emergency powers due to the fact that two counties have 0 cases and 0 deaths from covid. The governor made no distinction between areas of the state with high covid rates vs. those with low covid rates and simply asserted his emergency powers over the entire state. This gives the foundation organizational standing to sue. The fear is that Governor Inslee will assert that climate change is an emergency and claim emergency power on that basis in order to continue governing as a dictator.

Another case involved a Clark County resident who wished to volunteer in her daughter’s school. She had a mask exemption from the state but was kicked out of the classroom anyway. A judge admonished the school for disobeying the law on mask exemptions and then the school wrote a nice letter welcoming her back.

They are also suing the state because some legislators were locked out of their offices for refusing to show proof of vaccination.  So far, they have mostly filed suits in state court but desire to be the conservative ACLU and will file in federal court in the future.

Q: The governor is acting like a King with no responsibility to the voters. Why do you think this is happening in a country where elected officials work of the citizens, not the other way around.

A: I believe there is an agenda driven by money and the thirst for power and I believe they are conditioning the people to accept emergency powers on the basis of climate change. This is unprecedented tyranny.

Another case we worked on involved a disabled veteran who ran a convenience store who allowed people to shop there unmasked if they so desired. The liquor control board tried to take his liquor license on that basis which would essentially put him out of business.

Q: We had something similar with the ban on evictions and raising rents. Our costs all went up and we had to raise rents, but we explained it to our renters and had no problems – we ignored the decree as unconstitutional and just went about our business.

A: The Silent Majority Foundation speaks for people who cannot speak for themselves. We need to hire more attorneys and take these issues all the way to the supreme court if necessary.

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Q: I feel like we’re living in the Middle East. These are the kinds of things that happen there. If the government comes after you, it can bankrupt you, imprison you and basically go to any lengths to achieve submission from the population.

A: Yes, we worry that the state attorney general will come after our foundation.

Mr. Marchant exited and then there followed a discussion on Middle East issues by our members.

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