AMCD Meets with Matt Larkin, Republican Nominee for Washington’s 8th District

September 10, 2022

On September 1, 2022, members of AMCD met with the Republican nominee who is poised to flip Washington state’s 8th Congressional district back to red. Mr. Larkin began by decrying the number of professional politicians in office and wants to see more businessmen who have experience making payroll and balancing a checkbook. His family came to Washington as pioneers who crossed the Oregon Trail 165 years ago. He claims many of his friends have left the state due to leftist policies which are driving businesses out and bringing homeless drug addicts in.

Mr. Larkin previously worked for George W. Bush as a White House speechwriter. He is also an attorney who worked as a prosecutor in Pierce County before returning to work for his family’s waterworks pipeline business which brings fresh drinking water to people all over the world. He vows to stay in Washington State to help fix the problems of crime, drugs, homelessness, crippling taxes and inflation. He ran and lost against the state’s Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, in 2020 with the campaign slogan: “Make Crime Illegal Again.”

Despite the fact that Democrats control of the state, Larkin feels it is an exciting time to be a Republican. Already, his race against incumbent Kim Schrier is a statistical dead heat and the Republican party is already buying ads attacking her because they see this as one of the top ten seats most likely to flip Republican in November. This is going to be one of the costliest races in the country as the Democrats are pouring money into Ms. Schrier’s coffers.

Q: Seattle used to be one of the prettiest cities in the nation, and a source of great pride, but now it’s an embarrassment. The problems in Seattle are spreading out to the suburbs and elsewhere in the state. Many businesses are making the tough decision to leave the state. We need common sense, results-oriented leadership which is why we’ll be holding a fundraiser for Matt.

A: Thank you. We need all the help we can get. We can’t be complacent about a red wave coming; we have to fight for every vote.

Q: About your work with President Bush, how many speechwriters does a President have?

A: There were six full-time writers, three attorneys who did legal analysis and checked for accuracy, then there were three more staffers running the office. Mark Thiessen was the head speechwriter. He would check the schedule and assign the writers for each event. Each assertion of fact needed to have three separate supporting footnotes. The First Lady had one speechwriter as did the Vice President.

Q: American national security hangs in the Middle East, especially with Iran aligning with Russia and China.

A: Yes, and there is the big issue of energy independence which was thrown away by the Biden administration.

Q: How are you able to confront people who lie all the time? Are Republicans being too polite?

A: Kin Schrier now says that her biggest priority is to lower gas prices! She says this after voting with the Biden administration and the Democrats 100% of the time!  I don’t think that the people who got us into this mess are the right people to get us out of it. Biden is underwater in this district which has traditionally leaned Republican.

Q: What is your strategy to appeal to Independents?

A: We plan to hammer the issues people care about – inflation, gas prices, safety, tents, trash and needles all over the place. We don’t want to get distracted by more minor issues.

Q: I’m worried about the reliability of our electrical supply. The governor has blown up a hydro-electric dam and plans to destroy more.

A: Energy is our first concern and it’s obvious we need common-sense solutions, not the ideologically-driven policies of the present administration.

AMCD endorses Matt Larkin for Congress.

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