IAB, are you with Us or with Mullahs?

Iranian Association of Boston = anti-Iranian Association of Boston 

آی. ای. بی. = کانون ضد-ایرانیان بستن 

Mullahs = The Criminal Regime in Iran  

IAB => Obstacle of Boston unity against Mullahs’ Regime  

IAB was silent on 2020 Aban Massacre 

IAB was silent on 2020 Ukraine Flight 752 shutdown by Mullahs’ Sepah (176 killed). 

IAB was silent during 1988 Green movement killings in Iran. 

#Mahsa_Amini  #مهسا_امینی #Free_IRAN 

IAB, are you with Us or with Mullahs? 

آی. ای. بی.، با مایی یا با  ملا؟ 

IAB has been supporting the interest of Mullahs in the region for decades. 

IAB does NOT host/support/announce any anti-Mullah event/movement! 

IAB does NOT use its multi-thousands emails to support Iranian struggle for freedom. 

IAB canNOT suffocate voice of current movements against Mullahs’ regime. 

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