AMCD Conference on Iran Feb. 7, 2023

Conservative Partnership Institute President and CEO Ed Corrigan welcomes participants.
AMCD Co-Chair, Hossein Khorram
From the left: Reza Farnoud, Molley Rozbeh, Iman Foroutan
Molly Rozbeh and Iman Foroutan
Iranian-American activist Molly Rozbeh
Reza Farnoud
Representative Darrell Issa
From left: Hooshang Nematzadeh, Ali Mahdavi, Homeira Bakhteari
Hooshang Nematzedeh
Pegah Afshar
AMCD advisor Ken Timmerman
Ali Mohseni
Joseph Humire, Director, Center for a Secure Free Society
AMCD advisor, Dr. Walid Phares
Gabriel Noronha, Dr. Walid Phares and Lisa Daftari
Former Deputy Chief of Staff at the National Security Council, Tera Dahl

Video here and here.

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