AMCD Condemns Hamas Attack on Israel

October 7, 2023

Coming on the anniversary of the start of the Yom Kipper War in 1973, Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel has already taken dozens of lives and caused hundreds of civilian casualties. In addition to launching some 5,000 rockets into Israel’s civilian areas, Hamas sent numerous fighters from Gaza into Israel using boats and paragliders.  These terrorists are going street to street and house to house killing and kidnapping Israeli civilians.

Prime Minister Bejamin Netanyahu has declared war on Hamas. Israel is bombing targets in Gaza and IDF forces have been deployed to clear out the terrorist infiltrators.

The Biden administration released funds to the Palestinians in Hamas-controlled Gaza early in the administration knowing that at least some of those funds would sponsor terror. They just recently released 6 billion dollars of frozen funds to the world’s largest terror sponsor – Iran.

Iran is the major financier of both Hezbollah and Hamas.

The mullahs may have green-lighted this attack in retaliation for Israel and Saudi Arabia normalizing relations.

Hezbollah has issued a statement praising Hamas for this attack.

Hezbollah and Hamas maintain direct contact with each other. Hezbollah has been stockpiling rockets in South Lebanon. We wait to see if they join in the attack.

The American Mideast coalition for Democracy fully condemns this Hamas attack and hold Iran’s regime responsible for undermining the expected peace deal between Israel and Saudi Arabia. The Iranian regime is responsible for this war.

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