AMCD Salutes Middle Eastern Women

March 8, 2024

On this international women’s day, AMCD salutes all Middle Eastern women or those of Mideast descent who have been struggling for women’s rights, equality and advancement, particularly in Iran and Afghanistan, where our sisters are systematically oppressed.

We praise all freedom-fighting women in the Middle East, and this year we recognize the special work of Gazelle Sharmahd, whose father Jimmy Sharmahd was kidnapped and taken to Iran in 2020, tortured, and kept in a secret location and was sentenced to death last year.

Gazelle’s indefatigable efforts and restless campaigns to honor all the women who are jailed, lost their eyes, or their lives while protesting against jihadi regimes in Iran and Afghanistan, has become an international symbol of women struggle for freedom. We appreciate her contribution to MidEast American outreach to the UN and her participation in these important meetings.

We offer our recognition and gratitude. 

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