Lebanese Army and Internal Security Forces Must Refrain from Using Excessive Force Against Demonstrators

August 9, 2020

Washington DC: After the renewed demonstrations in downtown Beirut and in response to the devastating Beirut blast that claimed the lives of more than a hundred and fifty people, injured thousands and displaced half of the capital’s population, the World Council of the Cedars Revolution calls upon the security forces to exercise maximum restraint and understand the dire situation that the majority of the Lebanese people find themselves in. Therefore, we urge the Lebanese Army and Internal Security Forces to:

– To act wisely, refrain from using excessive force against demonstrators and to comply with international law, especially since these demonstrators share the same concerns about the fate of Lebanon and the consequences of the same calamities.

– To allow the demonstrators to express their anger and opposition to the ruling authority, which has not expressed any intention of addressing the urgent matters, especially in the main demonstration sites in Martyrs Square, in front of the Lebanese Parliament and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

– The tremendous destruction of Beirut gives Lebanese citizens the right to spontaneously express their indignation toward the current state of affairs in accordance with international law. Hence, the security forces must protect these demonstrations instead of suppressing them.

– The world is closely watching the situation in Lebanon unfold and the ruling authority’s moves. It is essential to keep the security forces disciplined and respectful and exhibit responsible behavior towards people and help them alleviate their suffering in order to maintain hope and trust in Lebanon with the assistance of the international community.

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