January-March 2020


We began 2020 with great hope and optimism – especially about the prospect of President Trump’s re-election chances in November. AMCD vice-chair Hossein Khorram organized a rally in support of the President in Washington State. The Iranian community was thrilled when President Trump tweeted messages to the Iranian people in Farsi. The nephew of Vice President Pence also addressed the Iranian people in Farsi (with a little help from Hossein).

In the meantime, AMCD co-chair John Hajjar condemned Lebanese army units for attacking pro-democracy protesters in Lebanon. We also congratulated President Trump for the targeted killing of IRGC chief, Qassem Soleimani (that seems so long ago, doesn’t it?). The media and democrats in Congress condemned the President’s actions and even sought to tie his hands concerning his reactions to Iranian provocation. The Middle East Christian Committee (headed by AMCD co-chair Tom Harb) issued a statement in opposition to some Iraqi Christians who condemned the killing of Soleimani and recognized they had done so under duress. The pressure on minority communities in the Middle East can never be underestimated.

The World Council of the Cedars Revolution also weighed in condemning the beating of protesters in Lebanon and AMCD issued a strong statement of support for Secretary of State Pompeo for withholding US aid to Lebanon until the Lebanese government can clean up corruption and expel Hezbollah from its current positions of control.

AMCD urged Senator McConnell not to take up the legislation limiting Trump’s options concerning military action against Iran, but unfortunately the bill passed in February with support from four Republican Senators, Susan Collins (R-Maine), Todd C. Young (R-Ind.), Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.).


AMCD supported the World Council for the Cedars Revolution as they issued support for the Lebanese protesters’ vote of no-confidence in the government.

Then the corona virus began to disrupt our lives….Nevertheless, we continued working.


AMCD co-chair, Tom Harb, wrote a blistering defense of our advisor, Dr. Walid Phares, when he was unfairly attacked by Mother Jones magazine (for the third time).

A new memberDr. Ali Mohseni, contributed a brilliant article arguing that the Ayatollahs’ inept handling of the corona virus pandemic may be the final straw for the Iranian people leading them to eventually overthrow the corrupt Islamic regime.  Dr. Mohseni was also interviewed on Alvandtv to advance his argument further.

And the pandemic continued…

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