AMCT Supports President Trump’s Mideast Agenda

June 20, 2024

After having supported candidate Trump in 2016 and having been part of his victory and his achievements for four years, the American Mideast Coalition for Trump, made up of Iranian, Arabs, North and East Africans, Sudanese, Lebanese, Yemenis, Jewish, and other Americans from Middle Eastern and African backgrounds remain steadfast in support for our once and future President.

“AMCT knows that President Trump will support peace and stability in the region in his second term, as he did in his first, without compromising American security or our alliances,” said AMCT co-chair Tom Harb. “The Obama/Biden effort to swing American support to the Islamic Republic of Iran has been an unmitigated disaster.”

“We need Donald Trump back in the presidency to right the ship and continue the excellent work he did promoting peace in the Middle East during his first term,” added AMCT co-chair, John Hajjar. “It is concerning, however, that anti-Trump, anti-Israel and pro-Iran Deal Democrats like Osama Siblani, publisher of the Arab American News in Dearborn, are seeking to penetrate President Trump’s close circles by pretending to represent Arab Americans in Dearborn, Michigan. We have monitored these attempts lately and warn the campaign that connecting via known pro-Hezbollah and anti-Israel militants is wrong and dangerous.” 

“We know these particular pro-Hezbollah militants want Trump to turn on America’s ally and the only democracy in the Middle East – Israel,” said Iranian-American Hossein Khorram, AMCT Board of Advisors member, former executive director, and four-time delegate to the Republican Convention. “That is not the will of the American people and not the will of President Trump’s loyal Middle Eastern base.”

The American Mideast Coalition for Trump believes that support for the Arab world need not to come at the expense of American support for Israel. AMCT supports the expansion of Trump’s Abraham Accords, and the eventual normalization of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia, which will lead to peace and stability in the region. The Obama/Biden policy of appeasing and strengthening the radical mullahs of Iran has resulted in the opposite – war and suffering throughout the region.

AMCT lends our unwavering support for the Trump policy of peace and prosperity at home and abroad. We supported President Trump in 2016, 2020 and now again in 2024.

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